Experience the ultimate curl quench with Mielle Organics Rice Water collection, a soothing line that utilizes the amino acids in rice water to enhance and moisturize your curls.

  • Mielle Organics Rice Water Moisturizing Milk

    A light, hydrating moisturizer and styler that locks in moisture with rice water, yuzu (citrus fruit), castor oil and safflower oil.

  • Mielle Organics Rice Water Clay Masque

    This masque acts as double duty for both the body and the hair to remove impurities while softening your skin and scalp. Slather on this special blend of rice, detoxifying herbs and oils for 15 – 20 mins, and rinse.

  • Mielle Organics Rice Water Split End Therapy

    Frayed ends are no match for this daily moisturizer boosted with strengthening collagen and rice water. Massage into ends during each style session and just before shampooing for the ultimate breakage prevention.

  • Mielle Organics Rice Water Shine Mist

    Give your curls a healthy dose of sparkle with this mist that remedies flyways, frizz and dullness.

  • Mielle Organics Gummy Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins

    Healthy hair begins from the inside out with these growth-boosting vitamins. Formulated with B-vitamins, C, E, zinc and iodine, these delicious gummies give your immune system the help it needs to maintain lustrous strands.