January 2019

Raise your hands if you look forward every January to the fresh energy that comes from a new year. If you’re looking for a fresh start, this edition of curlBOX will help support a reset. Filled with detoxifying products from OGX (@ogx_beauty), you’ll have the support you need to cleanse, clarify and craft styles that support your healthy resolutions.

  • Charcoal Detox Shampoo

    When your body needs a detox, a juice cleanse is the fix. If it’s your hair and scalp, this clarifying shampoo does the trick. Based on the purifying properties of charcoal and kaolin clay, it will remove buildup and get strands clean without squeaking or stripping.

  • Charcoal Detox Conditioner

    It’s an even exchange: this conditioner further removes impurities from the hair but leaves you with moisture and shine. Featuring coconut charcoal, it bathes hair in those essential fatty acids from coconut to leave hair clean and conditioned.

  • Hydrate and Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Creamy Hair Butter

    We admit it—sometimes we only go to the gym to use the steam room! While you’re detoxing your pores with steam and heat, add this rich restorative mask to infuse dry, damaged curls with hydration. Let the steam penetrate strands for soft, moisturized hair and emerge feeling brand new.

  • Coconut Curls Air Dry Cream

    Don’t let frizz fears stop you from working up a sweat this month. Post-shower, use this lightweight cream to define curls and speed up your air drying time, leaving them held in place without crunch.

  • Coconut Curls Finishing Mist

    January can’t be all work, no play. Pencil in girl time to ring in the new year, and be sure your style is crew-ready with this finishing spray. The perfect completion to dry styles, it spritzes in shine from coconut oil and jasmine extract with a hint of hold.