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  • 3 Easy Tips to Fixing a Botched Color Job

    Coloring your hair – be it at home or in a salon – can be tricky. What happens if you absolutely hate the color? What happens if you accidentally end up with brightly-colored pink curls when you were going for burgundy? Or what about those brown semi-permanent rinses that look jet black because you left it on too long? It’s happened to us many time, so we’ve listed three easy ways to strip color without ruining your curls.

    Oct 16
  • Q: How Can I Make The Shampoo I love More Clarifying?

    Q: I have a shampoo that I love. It’s moisturizing and doesn’t tangle my curls, but the only issue is that I feel like it’s not as cleansing as it could be. I don’t want to use anything else, so is there a way to boost my current shampoo?

    A: This can tend to be a common problem. You find a shampoo that meets JUST about all of your needs, but there’s one thing you don’t like.

    Oct 14
  • Style Inspo: @majusilva

    This week’s style inspo hails from Brasil. @majusilva’s luscious curls are voluminous #goals.

    Rise up. 

    Sunny side up. 

    Pretty in peach.

    Soak it up. 


    Oct 11
  • 4 Things To Remember When You’re Feeling Insecure

    Here are a few things to remember when you’re feeling insecure.

    1. FEELINGS ARE TEMPORARY: You’ve heard this before and you know it to be true. Your feelings are not to be denied but they are not to be wholly trusted, either. You may be “feeling” insecure because of something small like a breakout or conversation that didn’t go too well. Just remember that feelings should be used as markers to push us inward.

    Oct 09

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