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  • How to Create An Anti-Viral Regimen For Fall

    Looking for ways to up your anti-viral efforts this fall? Here are five holistic tips.

    1. BODY OIL: Add lemongrass essential oil to a carrier oil like almond, avocado or coconut. Lemongrass’ anti-viral activity is even stronger than tea tree oil.

    2. HOT TEA: Incorporate a number of anti-viral herbal teas into the mix. We love echinacea, calendula and licorice root.

    3. NATURAL SYRUP: You’ve probably already heard of the anti-viral wonders of elderberry.

    Sep 16
  • Style Inspo: @crownsproject

    These gorgeous photos are a part of The Crowns Project (@crownsproject), a photo project that highlights the beauty of natural hair. Take a tour of these looks.

    Circle up.

    Puff princess.

    Gold rush.

    Curly Q.

    Braided glory.

    Sep 11
  • 5 Mindful Tips For the Girl Who Wants Her Facial Glow Back

    What are the secrets of girls with flawless skin? Read on. 

    1. REMOVE MAKEUP WITH OIL: You’ve likely heard the recent hype on oil cleansing, but many women have been doing it for years. Doing a pre-oil wash is a fantastic way to remove makeup without interrupting your skin’s moisture levels. For dry types, avocado or olive oil works like a charm. For normal to oily, grape seed oil is your best bet.

    Sep 08
  • Are You Resting Today?

    Take the day to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Enjoy your Labor Day!

    Sep 07

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