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  • Style Inspo: @simply.cie

    We spotted @simply.cie on insta today and she is beyond cool. Take a look.

    Twisted blonde. 

    Teal steal. 

    The glow. 

    Baby’s blues.



    Apr 05
  • 5 Ways To Show More Love This Week

    Here are five ways to show more love this week. It’s safe to say we all need some.

    1. GIVE AN UNEXPECTED HUG: Hugs are a customary hello for many of us, but even they can sometimes get caught up in rituals of every day life. Really, truly, hug someone this week. Embrace them so tight it surprises them. Platonic physical touch is a lost art these days and people want to be reminded that they deserve affection,

    Apr 01
  • 5 Hair Fixes You Need This Week

    Here’s how you can quickly fix five annoying hair issues. 

    1. FLAT HEAD: When you wake up in the morning, your hair’s usually quite flat. To quickly revive, spritz ends lightly with a leave-in conditioner and put on a processing cap before showering. The steam will help refluff your hair. Or you can use a blow dryer on a medium-heat setting to blow it across sections and revive your curls.


    Mar 18
  • What is a Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray?

    If you happened to snag one of our coveted #UrsieOnHair boxes, you probably have questions about your Tresemme’ Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray. Here’s how it works.

    This formula is designed specifically for curls, and is comprised of an optimized blend of dual polymers that form bonds between hair fibers and keep strands in place. The spray is humidity-resistant, crunch-free and works perfect to control frizz and flyaways.

    Mar 13

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