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  • 3 Cheapie Essentials You Need in Your Beach Bag

    Do you plan on living at the beach for the rest of the summer? Do you have these three cheap must-haves? Take a look.

    1. EXFOLIATING BACK TOWEL : Your back will likely be out all summer long, so make sure to use (on a daily basis) a natural bristle back brush or a cheapie back towel to exfoliate scars and keep bacne in check. Use a bacteria-killing soap like Dr.

    Jun 12
  • 5 Tips to Refreshing Your Face When You’re Exhausted

    Don’t let exhaustion keep you from looking fantastic. Mind these tips to looking fresh.

    1. CLEAR YOUR SINUSES: Blocked sinuses are a major culprit of dark under eye circles. You can use a nasal spray like this one, or a baby nasal aspirator to quickly drain your sinuses in the morning.

    2. DO A SUN SALUTATION: A yoga sun salutation gets your blood flowing and wakes up parts of your body.

    Jun 10
  • style inspo: @iamqamra

    We happen to adore the simplicity of @iamqamra’s insta. Get into her chic looks for today’s #styleinpso.

    Struck by…

    Raw revelation. 


    Way up. 

    To and ‘fro. 

    Jun 07
  • 4 Anti-reversion summer styling tips

    Summer’s here. Is your hair adjusting well or are you a frizzy mess? If so, no worries. We have some fabulous anti-reversion, anti-humidity tips to keep you from poofing out of control.

    1. MAKE SURE ALOE IS IN YOUR STYLER: Aloe naturally defines curls and adds quite a bit of hold. Ensuring that aloe is a part of your formula (included in at least the first six ingredients) will help your chances of maintaining defined curls and beating frizz.

    Jun 03

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