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  • Style Inspo: Blowout Babe

    Get into this beautiful blowout courtesy of @annisalimara.

    Ring the alarm.

    Lady in red. 

    Sitting pretty. 

    Fired up. 

    Feb 15
  • Did You Already Fall Off?: How to Get Back to Your Exercise Resolution

    You don’t have to completely loathe working out if you change your perspective a bit. Here are a few realistic tips to picking up your exercise resolution if you’ve fallen off.

    STOP CALLING IT WORKING OUT: Try some other words that irritate you less like movement, dance, maintenance (yes, maintenance). If the term working out makes you not want to do it, give it a name that better affirms your motives.

    Feb 11
  • 5 Nightly Rituals for a Restful and Hydrated Slumber

    There are five fantastic rituals you can do before bed to encourage better beauty rest. Check it out.

    1. TAKE MAGNESIUM BEFORE BED: Magnesium quiets the mind and assists in hydrating and healing the skin. Take a little before bed for maximum cell regeneration.

    2. APPLY AQUAPHOR UNDER EYES: Your eyes are much more likely to be irritated during the fall season with allergies and colder weather. To ensure you wake up with fresh eyes,

    Feb 06
  • 3 Lazy Styles To Protect Your Hair From the Cold

    We want you to keep those curls quenched and healthy, so here are a few tips to doing lazier styles when it’s too cold to think.

    1. TWISTS + FEDORA: Two-strand twists or coils under a fedora is a ridiculously easy style. You can literally wake up, rip off your scarf and toss on your hat. Pull a few twists or coils forward for a cute bang situation. Scared your hat may fly off during the day and reveal your protective style?

    Feb 04

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