Category: The Look
  • curlbox Inspiration: Shopping for Fall? Try Dark Florals!

    Dark floral patterns are quickly taking over your favorite looks for fall. The feminine pieces are drenched in mulberry, maroon, black, deep periwinkle and violet. Check out these inspirational photos we snagged for your weekend shopping adventures. 

    Aug 23
  • Summer Slump? Try these ‘dos!

    It’s officially the middle of the summer. Are you in a style slump? Being the chic naturalista you are, you most likely started flaunting your summer style in the dead of spring, making your ‘do a little de passé by now. Check out how you can incorporate Jill, Janelle and Chrisette’s style using some curlBOX products.

    Jul 10
  • The Look: Myleik’s Faux & Fab Curls

    Myleik’s summer tour of styles continues with this latest look, courtesy of Heat Free Hair. She’s rocking their “For Kurls” collection, a crop of faux curls for fans of 3C – 4A patterned curls. With a bevy of vacations and the scorching heat, the summer is a great season to try a faux look. Check out these tips and three other sites that make gorgeous curly extensions.

    Jul 01
  • Prep School: 5 Tips to Better Twists

    You’re probably already a pro at two-strand twisting your hair but you can always get an even better style.

    1. Coil then twist. For super sleek twists, coils your two sections then twist. The result? Firm, nearly perfect, curly twists. This works particularly well for kids.

    2. Braid unruly roots. If your roots consistently mess up your style by exploding into a fuzzy mess, braid at the root to tame and conquer.

    Jun 03

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