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  • 3 Skin Gems to Add To Your Summer Regimen

    Up your skin game with these three products and tools you should consider adding in this summer.

    SQUALANE OIL: If you absolutely love using oils in your regimen but they make you look like an oil slick, or you have a slight sensitivity, squalane is for you. This oilless oil (yes, it’s an oil-free oil) is derived from mainly sugarcane or olives, and works like an emollient serum. It helps repair your skin barrier,

    May 06
  • 8 Tips to Body-Focused “Spring Cleaning”

    Here are eight easy ways to do some body-focused spring cleaning.

    1. LIMIT WATER LOSS: Omega-3 fatty acids limit water loss in skin cells. Add in wild salmon oil supplements for quick results.

    2. INCREASE HYDRATION: Add aloe vera juice and/or pulp to your smoothies to increase skin hydration and hair strength.

    3. BOOST YOUR WATER “SNACKS”: The best, most hydrating water-rich foods to add to your diet are cucumbers,

    Apr 17
  • Caffeine: The Secret to Better Hair & Skin?

    Caffeine works wonders for the hair and skin. Take note of these five ways to incorporate it in your regimen for beautiful skin and hair this winter.

    1. CELLULITE: When added to an exfoliant, caffeine helps tighten blood vessels, which helps rid of cellulite.

    2. FACE: A coffee facial scrub can brighten the skin and prevent clogged pores. The acid also acts as a slight chemical exfoliant. This is perfect for those gloomy weeks where your face looks quite dry and dull from the cool air.

    Nov 26
  • 4 Things You’re Missing in Your Winter Skin Regimen

    Skin feeling MEH? Here are four easy skin care tips you might be missing in your winter regimen. Get your glow back.

    GET MONTHLY FACIALS: Find a local esthetician you trust who specializes in your skin type. Do a little research online and pay a visit to the place to have a face to face chat with the staff. Ask questions about their offerings, approach, products and prices. They may be able to address skin issues that you can’t.

    Nov 14

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