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  • Myleik’s Week | September 3

    It’s September!  It’s the infamous “fourth quarter” … A chance to finish strong or accept defeat and prepare to start 2013 out the right way (focused, disciplined, etc).  Either way you cut it, it’s a good time of the year.  And I love Fall!  Don’t you love it?  You’re right on the edge where you can pull off some of the looks that could be side-eye worthy … Or maybe I’m the only one ready to wear daisy dukes and cowboy boots (don’t judge my life).

    Sep 03
  • Welcome …

    Last August I spent every Wednesday night for a month with my good friend Fredara.  Each morning we’d get up and talk about new technology, new businesses, men (she even had me signing up for e-harmony) over my infamous spinach and mango smoothies.  One of the mornings that we were talking about business, we started talking about beauty sampling programs and it hit me almost immediately.  

    Aug 12
  • Aug 11

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