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  • Q: How Can I Get My Curls to Quickly Revert After Heat-Styling?

    Are you having trouble reverting back to your curls after heat-styling? Here are a few tips.

    1. DRENCH AND SHAMPOO WITH A HYDRATING WASH: Take a little extra time with your initial rinse. Really allow your curls to get completely drenched before you add any shampoo. Focus on smoothing your shampoo through your hair as opposed to circular motions. This begins the process of encouraging your curls to come back.


    Sep 25
  • 3 Steps to Sealing Your Ends

    Do you seal your ends? If you’re unfamiliar, the process is described as using an oil or butter on damp ends to seal in moisture and delay inevitable dryness. Here are a few tips.

    WHY SEAL YOUR ENDS?: You seal to prevent split ends and flaunt healthier hair. Sealing your ends is a great way to de-frizz in between wash days. It smoothes the hair shaft, adds shine to your hair and helps revive short styles.

    Sep 15
  • 3 Ingredients You May Not Be Aware of In Your Aveda Platinum curlBOX

    Your Platinum curlBOX features a slew of amazing Aveda products. Do you recognize all of the diverse ingredients in your products? Here’s a breakdown of three we absolutely love.

    ICELAND MOSS: Iceland moss and larch tree sap extract helps fortify the your strands and taming frizz. Moss is also an incredible source of amino acids, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron that immensely contributes to hair growth. You’ll find it in your Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo.

    Sep 02
  • 5 Diet Tips to Add in This Week to Increase Stunted Growth

    We’ve found a few diet tips to help you get over the growth hump.

    1. GO HIGH PROTEIN: It’s no secret that protein helps your hair grow – it’s the stuff your hair is made of after all! As such, enjoying foods that are high in protein, like beans/legumes, eggs, and chicken can help to jumpstart the process.

    2. TAKE KELP & VITAMIN B: Seriously, kelp really assists in helping your hair grow at a much faster rate.

    Aug 12

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