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  • 5 Diet Tips to Add in This Week to Increase Stunted Growth

    We’ve found a few diet tips to help you get over the growth hump.

    1. GO HIGH PROTEIN: It’s no secret that protein helps your hair grow – it’s the stuff your hair is made of after all! As such, enjoying foods that are high in protein, like beans/legumes, eggs, and chicken can help to jumpstart the process.

    2. TAKE KELP & VITAMIN B: Seriously, kelp really assists in helping your hair grow at a much faster rate.

    Aug 12
  • Get the Look: Tips from Celebrity Stylist Tasheara Neshell

    When we saw this style on Instagram from celebrity stylist Tasheara Neshell (@tashearaneshell), we reached out to get the deets on exactly how to recreate it at home. Take a look at these super easy tips.

    1. “Cleanse and condition. While the hair is wet, do double-strand twists all over. Use a combination of a a leave-in conditioner, twisting cream and foaming wrap lotion (or mousse) to set.”

    cB Product Recommendation: African Pride Flaxseed Oil &

    Jul 17
  • Tips to Fixing & Styling Edges After Tension Damage

    Tight ponytails are cute but they can absolutely wreck your edges. Here are a few tips to fixing tension damage.

    1. RELEASE TENSION: Newbies make the mistake of always wearing their natural tresses in a puff. Usually pulled back a tight elastic band, this is a major no-no. After a while, it starts to tug and pull at your edges, making them fragile and thin. Regular ponytail wearers should also take heed.

    Jul 15
  • Video: Knotless Braids

    You’re familiar with knotless braids, right? It’s a braiding technique that feeds in strands of kanekalon hair further down the braid. This helps avoid the visible “knot” that typically anchors the base of box braids. We love knotless braids because they look incredibly clean and neat, but if you’re attempting a DIY style, the method can seem a bit confusing. Check out this easy how-to video from Glam by Merry.

    Photo: @kinkz.n.curlz


    Jun 24

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