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  • Top Tips to Your Fluffiest Roller Set Yet

    Big. Bold. Bouncy. Fluff. That’s what roller-sets can deliver. Here are a few different styling methods.

    HOW TO DO A DRY ROLLER SET: If you’re the girl who loves a ‘fro with oomph, dry-rolling might be for you. Dry roller sets allow for more volume and fluff, similar to a dry two-strand twists. First, blowout your hair. Naturally, to do a dry roller set, your hair should be dry and your textures should be stretched.

    Oct 15
  • 5 Easy Re-Styling Tips For When You Don’t Have Time to Shampoo

    You’re tired. You refuse to wash your hair. You’re kinda freaking out because you have an event tomorrow, but, you simply can’t muster up the energy to go through your whole routine. We get it. Here are five tips to a quick look or curl refresh.

    1. Utilize half turbans: When your hair is a mess and you refuse to deal with it, a half turban is your best friend. Simply wrap your head wrap fabric like a large headband,

    Oct 10
  • How to Maximize Your Pudding

    Are you maximizing the usage of your ORS Olive Oil Smooth-N-Hold Pudding?

    ADD WATER TO DISPERSE: Puddings are great for definition, but some are actually formulated to be used on soaking wet hair, not towel-dried hair or your semi-damp tresses. The instructions don’t always state this, but we’ve tested every pudding on earth. We KNOW. Many puddings need the assistance of a water to evenly disperse from roots to ends. We suggest rinsing out your conditioner and immediately applying your ORS Olive Oil Smooth-N-Hold Pudding

    Oct 01
  • 4 Brain Boosts Other Than Coffee

    If you’re looking for a brain boost other than coffee, we have four amazing alternatives.

    GUAYUSA TEA: This Amazonian tea contains a healthy balance of caffeine, healthy antioxidants and amino acids to prevent jitters and afternoon crashing. It greatly improves focus, memory and creativity.

    OMEGA 3s: Pop some omega 3s (fish oil) to give your brain a boost. DHA. found mainly in oily fish, enhances memory protection and can help improve memory function.

    Sep 26

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