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  • How-To: Fingercoiling For the Newbie

    Lucky for you, your hair naturally does what spiral sets allow others to achieve. Check out these tips to quickly fingercoiling your hair.

    1. Shampoo and use a generous amount of your Dove Amplified Textures Recovery Mask to soften your tresses. Fingercoils work best on detangled, hydrated hair. Use a paddle brush to really work the mask through your hair. Rinse.

    2. Apply a little Dove Amplified Textures Leave-in Conditioner to your damp hair and smooth and finger comb it through.

    Aug 10
  • Q&A: It is Okay to Sleep in My Hair Mask?

    Q: Is it okay to sleep with conditioner/mask in your hair overnight?

    curlBOX: Ah, the debate rages on. This is a question that we receive quite often. Sleeping in your conditioner is definitely a “thing” and, while most naturals report not having any issues with doing this, let’s consider a few things. Naturally, leave-in conditioners are omitted from this discussion, as they are formulated to be left in the hair sans rinsing.

    Jul 29
  • Do I really need a pre-shampoo treatment?

    Pre-shampoo treatments can actually be an amazing part of your regimen. If you’re still a bit confused on exactly why you need one, check it out.

    Do I REALLY need a pre-shampoo treatment?

    cB: Actually, yes. You’ve probably noticed the influx of pre-shampoo treatments popping up everywhere, but they’re really beneficial to curly hair. Yes, it’s an additional step in your regimen but it makes the rest of your wash day much easier.

    Jul 19
  • Are You Using the Right Blow-dry Technique?

    Are you using the correct curly blow-drying technique for your desired result? Here are three ways to reconsider.

    UPSIDE DOWN BLOW: Sounds kinda kinky, huh? It’s not. This technique works best for hair that has a moderate drying time, meaning curls that don’t take more than two hours to dry. Longer textures will likely find this texture too tedious and we totally understand. For medium lengths, this might become your favorite way to dry.

    Jul 13

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