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  • 10 Reasons to Run and Put on a Pair of Hoop Earrings

    1. They go with everything. Really, they do.

    2. They perfectly frame a melanated face. There’s something about a rounded hoop that accentuates all of your best features.

    3. They make you feel just tad bit more saucy. Scientifically, studies show that while wearing hoop earrings, women gain 28% more confidence. We totally just made that up but you know it to be true.

    4. They turn a t-shirt and jeans into a MOMENT.

    Jun 05
  • 4 Anti-reversion summer styling tips

    Summer’s here. Is your hair adjusting well or are you a frizzy mess? If so, no worries. We have some fabulous anti-reversion, anti-humidity tips to keep you from poofing out of control.

    1. MAKE SURE ALOE IS IN YOUR STYLER: Aloe naturally defines curls and adds quite a bit of hold. Ensuring that aloe is a part of your formula (included in at least the first six ingredients) will help your chances of maintaining defined curls and beating frizz.

    Jun 03
  • What is Ucuuba Butter?

    Did you score your Her Essentials box featuring Camille Rose? The brand is known for incorporating exotic butters and oils from all about the world. Today we’re highlighting ucuuba butter, a gem from South America.

    Ucuuba butter is found in your Strength Restorative Deep Conditioning Soak. It’s a dark brown, hard butter with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which makes it perfect for cleansing  when you have scalp conditions.When added to formulas like your shampoo,

    May 29
  • How to Boost Your Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    Try these four tips to boosting the cleansing power of your Africa’s Best Coconut Creme Sulfate-Free shampoo.

    1. INCORPORATE A SHAMPOO BRUSH: Shampoo brushes helps exfoliate and stimulate your scalp, which, in turn, encourages growth. You can use a small, round shampoo brush that slides right onto your hand or a Denman brush. While shampooing, finger part small areas and gently massage in a circular motion.

    May 22

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