Why Your Straight Style Doesn't Last

Aug 15, 2018 Hair How To 0 comments

Are you having a hard time getting your straight style to last? Here are our top tips to keeping your look silky and stretched with your EDEN BodyWorks Hibiscus Honey Blow Dry Cream.

1. MAKE SURE YOUR HAIR IS CLEAN: Do not apply the cream to anything other than freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. You won’t get the same effect.

2. TOWEL DRY FIRST: You want to apply the blowout cream to towel-dried hair. You can also use a t-shirt. You want to remove the water from your hair to avoid thinning out the product. You’ll achieve a much smoother blowout.

3. CONSIDER BINDING AND SETTING: Instead of doing a wet-to-dry blowout, consider applying your blowout cream, binding your hair in sectional braids, and sitting under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes. Unravel and finish straightening. This method actually gives you a straighter result, which cuts down on flat-ironing time.

4. DON’T COCKTAIL IT WITH ANYTHING: It might be tempting to create your own cocktail but stick to one silkening agent. Make sure to use sans any additional oils or other leave-ins. It’s formulated to be used alone for best results.

5. ONLY WASH AND CONDITION WITH HEAT-STYLING PRODUCTS: Many 4C naturals make the mistake of using their weekly shampoo and conditioner, which is formulated for wearing your hair curly. Typically, your regular shampoo and conditioner will help define your curls and deposit heavier oils and butters onto the hair shaft, which is NOT what you want when heat-styling. Use products that work to cleanse, soften and prep your hair for blow-drying and flatironing.

6. TRY A ONE-STEP HAIR DRYER & STYLER: This blow-dryer works wonder to silken thick, coarse hair because it combines a brush and blowdryer. It also gives a straighter, sleeker straight blowout, which is what those with 4C hair should focus on. A flat iron will not remedy a bad blowout.

7. FLATIRON SMALLER SECTIONS: Keep your sections small to ensure accuracy and an even distribution of heat. Also, keep the temperature below 330 degrees to help maintain your curl.


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