Why Your Dandruff Isn't Going Away

— September 02, 2020

Ugh, dandruff. Don't you hate it? Here are a few reasons why your problem persists. And what you can do about it. YOU'RE NOT INCORPORATING YEAST AND BACTERIA-KILLING HAIR CARE: At its most superficial stage, dandruff can be a result of product build-up, but is also usually an indicator of yeast overgrowth. Whether you’re having internal digestive issues with yeast or your scalp is having an aversion to certain products, it’s a good idea to incorporate yeast killers like your Head & Shoulders Moisture Boost Shampoo. This lush, medicated shampoo is infused with pyrithione zinc to help rinse away flakes, treat your scalp and keep strands shiny and clean. YOU NEED A GLYCERIN-BASED SCALP MOISTURIZER: Instead of using an oil-based scalp serum, try creating a DIY scalp serum with glycerin, rosemary essential oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass essential oil and peppermint oil. Yeast doesn’t feed on glycerin, so try this method for two weeks to see if your issue improves. YOU HAVEN'T GONE TO YOUR DERMATOLOGIST: We ALWAYS advise those dealing with severe inflammation, hair loss and constant itchiness to see a dermatologist. In the meantime, incorporate your monthly box items to treat the symptoms. How are your Head & Shoulders products working for you?