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CB_OILSARTC Q: Is there a method to adding oils to stylers? I don’t want my hair to be crazy soft and undefined, but I desperately need it for my scalp. I feel like it’s either too greasy or too stiff. Any tips? A: Great question. There IS an art to adding oils directly to your stylers, but you need to determine their use and purpose. Adding oil can decrease the defining effect of some products, and, alternately, it can soften the “crunchy” feeling of some gels. It all depends on the result you’re looking for. Here are some easy tips. SHINE: If you need oils mainly for adding shine to your curls, wait until your hair is completely dry and scrunch on your Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Essential 7 Oil Treatment. NOURISH: If your hair is brittle and you want strengthen your curls and treat your scalp, consider using a nozzle-tip applicator to add oil directly to your scalp, without needing to smooth it down the hair shaft. OIL TREATMENT: You can also do a pre-shampoo oil treatment by applying a mixture of conditioner and your favorite oil to dry hair, and let it sit for 30 minutes. This helps dissolve product build-up and makes your hair easier to detangle during the conditioning process. SPLIT ENDS/ENDS TREATMENT: You can also apply oil to your ends after washing and conditioning to help prevent and treat breakage. Concentrating the oil here allows you to maintain definition. SOFTEN A STIFF PRODUCT: Sometimes we find a product that defines curls like crazy….but that defining power comes with a slight stiffness. In this case, you can apply a light layer of oil to damp hair to keep definition but decrease the stiffening effect of your styler. How do you use oil? PHOTO: @dermae


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