VIDEO: How to Put Your TWA in a Badass Bun

— September 02, 2020

We spotted this video of @niahope transforming her TWA into a sleek bun. A FEAT! Keep reading for the deets.


BEST ON 3C - 4A TEXTURES: Nia appears to have a texture of hair that falls between 3C and 4A. It smoothes up easier and will most like hold with a molding gel or thick pomade. This slicking method may NOT work on 4C textures at this particular length.

USE TONS OF BOBBY PINS: It would be unrealistic to believe that you could gather your short hair into an actual ponytail at this length, so what Nia does is smooth her hair up and bobby pin the ponytail/curls in place.

USE MARLEY HAIR: Grab some long marley hair and use it to create your bun. Make sure you have your crochet tool handy.

Check out the video below.