Upgrade Your Massage Technique With These Simple Tips

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We’re here to upgrade your massages. Incorporate these tips the next time you give bae a rub down. CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT OF PEACE: Make sure the space they’re lying on is comfortable, be it the bed or couch. Layer the surface with towels because you’ll be using oils. Lower the lights and opt for just candles, if possible. If you choose scented candles, choose milder scents like vanilla so they don’t overwhelm your oils. AWAKEN THEIR SENSES BEFORE MASSAGING: Add two drops of eucalyptus to your hands and place them a few inches away from your partner’s nose. Have them breathe in deeply to awaken their senses. CHOOSE OILS BASED ON MOOD: The scent of your massage oils will foster the mood. For an amorous and sensual evening, mix almond oil with ylang ylang, rose or jasmine. For pure relaxation, mix grapeseed oil with lavender and frankincense, and to brighten the mood and increase inspiration and energy, mix coconut or grapeseed oil with sweet orange and neroli essential oil. WARM THE OILS: To warm your oils, heat up a pot of water to a warm but not boiling temperature. Put your oil mixture (in a plastic bottle) in the water for 15 - 20 minutes before the massage. GO SLOW AND HOLD MOVEMENTS: Everyone has their favorite moves, so hold onto to those but go slower and be more deliberate with your movements. Once you reach the end of a movement, hold it to allow the muscle to release tension. Make sure to apply pressure by remembering to use your body weight from your core, not your arms. What are your favorite massage techniques? Photo credit:


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