Tips to Keeping Your Curls From Becoming Brittle This Week

— September 02, 2020

It's coooooooold this week, so we want to ensure you know exactly how to keep your curls quenched. Check out these easy tips to fighting those brittle strands. 1. MAKE CONDITIONING TREATMENTS, OIL TREATMENTS INSTEAD: Of course, you should still be conditioning your hair, but you should also be massaging in oils and saran wrapping your parched curls. Not only does our hair lose moisture in the winter, it can also lose strength by becoming hard and brittle. Try a nourishing mixture of Refined peanut oil, avocado oil and coconut oil as a protein treatment. Leave it in for about 30 minutes and rinse. This will help immensely. 2. SPRITZ/SEAL IN MOISTURE IN THE MORN: It’s imperative that you seal in moisture before braving the cold in the morn. Keep a spray bottle of water combined with a little of your favorite conditioner and lightly spritz your hair in the morn. Follow up by scrunching in a rich moisturizer like OGX Quenching Coconut Curling Butter Slightly damp hair allows your moisturizer to do its job. You Follow up with a diffuser or a quick blow-drying session just to ensure that your hair is dry when you leave the house. 3. ADD A HUMIDIFIER TO YOUR ROOM: Cold air is typically dry air, which accounts for your skin and hair dryness. Optimize your rest and add a humidifier to your room to bring the moisture back! Photo: @imadamejay