Tip: How to Temporarily Go Jet Black

Oct 29, 2018 Hair How To 0 comments

Are you looking to go jet black for a while but don't want to STAY jet black forever? Here's how you can do it.


USE A SEMI-PERMANENT: This one is a no-brainer, right? A semi will last for 10-12 shampoos, versus a rinse, which traditionally lasts 4-6 shampoos. A rinse becomes particularly messy for naturals because it bleeds more often onto clothes and pillow cases due to the increased amount of oils natural use.


USE A DANDRUFF SHAMPOO + BAKING SODA: Even a black semi-permanent can have some staying power, so when you’re ready to lighten up, do several washes with a combination of baking soda and dandruff shampoo, which has a higher pH than most shampoos. It helps strip your strands of color without severely drying out your hair.

After using this shampoo combo, follow up with a rich conditioning session and the use of your Cantu Curl Stretcher Cream Rinse.


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