The Top Tips to Ditching Dull Curls

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Don't you hate dull curls? Banish them with these helpful tips.

KEEP IT COOL: Heat splinters the cuticle, immediately causing dryness and a dull finish. Finish rinsing your deep conditioner with a cool rinse, gently running your fingers through your curls allowing the cool water to fully penetrate the cuticle.

ADD A CLEAR RINSE: We’ve mentioned this tip a few times, but it’s too good not to bring back up. Applying a clear rinse (try Jazzings) to your curls will give you great shine for at least two to three weeks.

SPRAY OIL ON DAMP HAIR: Just before styling, you can remedy dullness by spraying on your Creme of Nature Pure Honey Shine Mist just before using your Shrink Defense Curl Activator. The infusion of oil on damp hair add brilliant shine to curls.

How do you add natural shine to curly hair?


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