The Most Common Issues Each Hair Type Experiences (And How to Fix Them)

— September 02, 2020

If you're unsure of the issues concerning your hair type (3b, 4c, ect.), take a look at this super easy guide to managing your unique styling needs. HAIR TYPE #1: This hair is typically straight and benefits from volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Heavier creams and oil weigh down the hair shaft. HAIR TYPE #2: This hair type can often be prone to immediate frizz and tangling, though usually a little finer than types 3 and 4. The softness of this hair types requires the use of serums, leave-ins and detangling sprays that keep it slick while detangling. HAIR TYPE #3: Gels, as well as creams, work wonders with this hair type. These curls can often exhibit a wavier pattern after heat-styling reversion. It prefers creamy, thick conditioners to detangle, along with heavier twisting creams that contain aloe. Two-strand twists, braid-outs and coils are great styles to try. HAIR TYPE #4: This hair type is the kinkiest of the bunch and is prone to dryness and brittleness when not conditioned well. Use deep treatment masks and employ the use of a steamer to help with hydration. This hair type tends to hold twists, braids and coils better than any other type. Dry-twisting type #4 hair delivers amazing texture and patterns due to its ability to hold a mold. How are you styling your hair type? Photo: @1lexishair