The Cut That Never Goes Out of Style: The Heart-Shaped Cut

— September 02, 2020

The heart-shaped cut is a classic look that usually works for every curl type and texture. Here are the deets to working this style.

As pictured, the heart-shaped cut is achieved by cutting your curls to mimic the shape of a heart. The top stays voluminous while the bottom layers are strategically layered and slightly tapered at the nape of the neck. The cut is perfect for naturals who frequently fuss with longer tresses in the back (just chop ‘em).

Here are a few perks to wearing this cut:

1. DECREASES WEIGHT: If you’ve grown tired of managing the density and weight of your curls, this cut is the perfect option. You can keep the sass of a long bang and maintain a more manageable style.

2. LOOKS GOOD WHEN STRAIGHTENED: The result is a fluffy, feathered bob with volume. 3. WORKS WITH ANY FACIAL SHAPE: The heart-shaped cut tends to flatter most facial shapes and also looks good with multi-toned color jobs.

Would you try the heart-shaped cut?

Photo: Courtesy of @haircolorkilla (She's also the BOMB stylist behind this look). Model: @moboopthanbetty