The #curlboxcrew shares their top ten bad hair habits

— September 02, 2020

We asked the #curlboxcrew on Instagram to tell us their worst bad hair habits and they delivered. Take a look and see if you find your hair sin in the top ten. 1. "Going to sleep without my scarf/bonnet on." TIP: Keep your scarf/bonnet in your nightstand drawer or in a little corner of your nightstand. 2. "Touching/playing with my hair all day." TIP: This seems like a biggle, but unless you're pulling at your hair incessantly, a few playful coils here and there won't hurt. 3. "Not regularly detangling or being impatient with proper detangling." TIP: Try pre-pooing to soften curls before shampooing so your detangling process if easier and faster. 4. "Resorting to wearing a bun for weeks (or long periods) at a time." TIP: Try a healthier protective style instead of a tight bun. 5. "Pulling at knots instead of trimming them." TIP: We can't give you any slack here. Girl, get a trim! 6. "Not moisturizing on a regular basis." TIP: Try making this a part of your daily routine so you don't skip this step. Maybe add in a spritz of a leave-in or quick scrunch of a cream to finish your look. 7. "Re-washing my hair if I don’t like the result." TIP: Unless you've used too much product, consider doing a modified style instead of re-washing. 8. "Going to sleep with wet hair." TIP: It happens. Don't be so hard on yourself. But try drying with the t-shirt method to remove as much water from your hair as possible, and then employing a hand dryer to the roots to speed up drying time. 9. "Giving myself a terrible haircut instead of consulting a professional." TIP: We've ALL been here. But DO consult a professional stylist so you don't end up absolutely hating your look. 10. "Letting my hair get matted and tangled because I don’t feel like styling it." TIP: We'd reiterate a tip we gave above - try doing a protective style instead of foregoing your styling needs. Where do you fall? Photo: @naturallytemi