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Here’s how our editor, @kimmygotsoul, uses Creme of Nature Pure Honey Moisture Whip Twisting Cream to style her short hair.

HOW DID YOU USE IT? “I have very short 3C/4A hair that I shampoo once a week. I washed and conditioned my hair, then I added glycerin to my scalp. I have some oil sensitivities. I also used a little glycerin on my actual hair because I’ve found that it adds manageability to my short curls. I applied my Creme of Nature Pure Honey Moisture Whip Twisting Cream to wet hair and fingerstyled. I also like to use a paddle brush while product is in my damp hair, along with some light coiling."

HOW DID IT DRY? “It dried firm with a touch of softness, which is perfect for short hair. If my hair dries TOO defined, it gets flat overnight and I can’t actually revive it in the morning. I also loved that the cream dried really fast under my hooded dryer.”

WHAT ABOUT TOUCH-UPS? “I’ve been using it in the morning to revive my curls. I use a sprinkle of water to add a bit of moisture. I don’t like my hair to have a wet look. I like it to be a bit lived in, so I love that this cream works to well to revive my curls in the morning. I use maybe a dollop and I love it!”

How are you using your Creme of Nature Pure Honey Moisture Whip Twisting Cream?


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