SKIN: Lock In Moisture With a Shower Oil

— September 02, 2020

Hopefully you’ve been using your Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil to nourish and silken your already gorgeous skin. Either way, check out these top three reasons you should always moisturize in the shower.

YOUR SKIN RETAINS MORE MOISTURE: When you moisturize with an oil or in-shower lotion, the wetness of your skin help seal in moisture, as opposed to when the skin is dry and tight. This works especially well for those with problematic, sensitive skin.

IT SAVES TIME: We know that lotioning your skin likely doesn’t takes hours, but you’ll be surprised by how freeing it would feel to exit the shower, pat gently and slide into your wardrobe for the day.

YOUR SKIN WILL LOOK YOUTHFUL: Moisturizing damp skin seals in a great glow, especially if you use oil. Whenever you wet you skin, you disrupt the skin’s barrier. To replenish the hydration, you need to apply moisture to the skin before it dries, while it’s still damp.

DEETS: Your PALMER'S Skin Therapy Oil is a hypoallergenic oil that helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars, damaged skin and uneven skin tone with sesame oil, argan oil and cocoa butter.