Self-Care For When the News is Difficult

— September 02, 2020

When legends pass, we all feel it. If you're feeling a little stressed today, check out the tips above courtesy of @therapyforblackgirls. Here are a few of our ultimate soothers: 1. SAGE YOUR TEMPLES: Applying clary sage to the temples almost instantly calms your spirit. If you’re feeling particularly anxious, whip it out. 2. SPRITZ YOUR SHEETS WITH LAVENDER: If your sleep is feeling disrupted, spritz your sheets with a lavender spray to quiet your thoughts. You can also dab a bit of lavender on the bottoms of your feet to help your mind chill after a long day. 3. TAKE A MOMENT TO DO CHILD'S POSE: The yoga pose known as “child’s pose” or Balasana is an incredibly relaxing way to jumpstart your body. Etch out a moment in the day do this pose for five minutes. How are you managing your stress today?