Sealing Your Ends: 3 Tips

— September 02, 2020

Do you seal your ends? If you’re unfamiliar, the process is described as using an oil or butter on damp ends to seal in moisture and delay inevitable dryness. Here are a few tips. WHY SEAL YOUR ENDS?: You seal to prevent split ends and flaunt healthier hair. Sealing your ends is a great way to de-frizz in between wash days. It smoothes the hair shaft, adds shine to your hair and helps revive short styles. DO IT OUTSIDE OF WASH DAY: If your curls are prone to drying out on a daily basis, consider employing your trusty Black Castor Miracle Moisture Prep & Leave-in Moisture Butter to revive your curls, then use a little Hair & Scalp Sealing Hair Oil on the ends to seal in moisture for the day. COIL THE OIL: After applying your oil onto your ends, scrunch and consider coiling individual curls to smooth frayed ends and nourish your hair. You can do this just before stepping into the shower with a processing cap on to allow a little steam to further soften your curls. Will you seal your ends tomorrow morning?