Rewind: 3 Black Girl Magic Halloween Costumes That Never Fail

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We sifted through our files and came across this little Halloween gem. Are you struggling to find a costume today? Chances are, you already have everything you need in your closet. Take a look at these three starlets and let them help you piece something amazing together. Happy Halloween! Did you JUST find out about a fab party that you want to attend tonight? No costume? No problem. Check out these three pop icons that you could pull off with a quick trip to a vintage or consignment shop. GRACE JONES: If you’re currently rocking a boxy cut, the hair is super easy. Blowout your curls in the front to get them a little higher, and lift at the root. Use a little hairspray to help mold your hair into a square shape. For the costume, if you have a catsuit, you’re halfway there. Pair it with knee high boots and find a slinky hooded top with a tight leather jacket. A bomber jacket works best. For makeup, check out this cool article to getting Grace’s look. DONNA SUMMER: Pay a trip to your local beauty supply store and purchase a cheap but huge human hair wig that can be curled. Try to find one that already has big ringlets. Add layers to it by snipping it vertically. Peruse your local consignment or vintage shop for a jumper – preferably one with shoulder pads in a loud color like plum or turquoise. If you can manipulate a matching chiffon top and bottom with a large belt, even better. Get inspired by a cheesy glamour shot from the 80’s and have a ball with punchy red blush and blue eye shadow. JANET JACKSON: Naturally, you’ll need a black baseball cap and a long wavy ponytail. Smooth your natural hair back into a pony tail and head to the wig shop for a loose, wavy faux pony that you can simply pin in. Try to find an angled blazer at your consignment or vintage shop that hits your waist. Black pants or fitted slacks will work. The shop should also have an assortment of pins that you can affix to the jacket. What are you rockin’ this Halloween?


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