Q&A: How do I get my twists to stay defined after unraveling?

Feb 26, 2018 Hair How To 0 comments

qa_curltwists Q: My wet two-strands twists always look BOMB. But then when I unravel them, I can’t seem to maintain definition. They always end up frizzy. What can I do? A: Great question, as this is an issue for many curly girls. First, we have to address how you’re creating your twists. This determines your definition. Are you doing the following thing COIL THEN TWIST: Use your Your Curls Defined Curling Creme and take your sectioned piece, coil the two pieces and then twist. This creates a super neat, smooth two-strand twist. This method works particularly well for children or for those who want to extend the life of their twists. BRAID AT THE ROOT: If puffy roots are your main issue, simply braid at the root about an inch and half down and then continue to twist. This is will eliminate your puffy root issues. If you have fine, wavy hair, skip this step. WHEN YOU UNRAVEL: KEEP A LITTLE OIL ON YOUR FINGERS: Before unraveling, smooth oil down the length of the twist. As you unravel, twist your unraveled twist in the direction it was twisted to keep it defined and perfect. ONLY UNRAVEL YOUR TWISTS INTO THREE PIECES: Do not go crazy unraveling your twists into tons of pieces. This is how you create frizz. Keep it to three pieces.


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