Q&A: Help! My Skin & Hair Is Going Crazy During the Quarantine!

— September 02, 2020

Q: Why does it seem like my skin and hair are much drier during the quarantine?

A: You may have noticed that your skin and scalp is going crazy during the quarantine and you’re not alone. We’re all experiencing some issues adapting to spending the bulk of our time at home. Your skin may feel more dry or you might be experiencing more frequent breakouts. You scalp might also be dryer. The main culprits for this are: interrupted sleep schedule, an intense change in your eating, a lack of fresh air and less face-washing.

A few ways to remedy this are to make sure you’re taking walks, get up everyday and wash your face first thing in the morning and again at night (many of you have gotten off on your rigid skin regimen) and let your hair breathe, meaning you should strive to keep your bonnet off during the day so your scalp can get some air.

Here are some other quick remedies with things you probably already have at home:

- RASH: Calendula ointment

- DANDRUFF: Peanut oil/Almond + tea tree

- SCALP DRYNESS: Avocado Oil + rosemary

- BLEMISHES: Try a red clay or kaolin mask.

- DRY SKIN: Make a mixture of shea butter + lemongrass oil

How's your skin and hair doing during the quarantine?