Q&A: Demolish Split Ends With This Therapeutic Serum

Myleik Teele — December 08, 2020

curlBOX Question: Can you repair split ends on curly hair? Also, how often should I be trimming to avoid or fix split ends, if I want maximum growth?

curlBOX Answer: Unless you perform a lot of heat-styling, trims can be reserved for every six months. Yes, every six months. If you are the super styler we mentioned earlier, consider trimming every 3 - 4 months, but, first, blowout your hair and check. Typically, split ends stick out like a sore thumb. If you notice that the shading of your hair is thick until you get close to the ends, where it appears to become see-through and thin, you definitely need a trim. It’s hard to tell whether or not curly hair needs a trim without actually stretching it a bit.

As for split ends, it totally depends on the severity of the damage. If it’s thin, fragile and very damaged on the ends, it’s not worth saving, as it will likely negatively impact your styling efforts, anyway. To nourish and encourage your ends to re-seal, we recommend using your Mielle Organics Rice Water Split Ends Therapy which contains hydrating ingredients boosted with strengthening collagen and rice water. Massage into ends during each style session and just before shampooing for the ultimate breakage prevention.

Try it by scrunching on just a bit on your ends and don’t worry about your roots.

Let us know how it works!