Q&A: "Can you teach me how to properly cocktail my products?"

— September 02, 2020

Do you know how to properly layer your Earth Supplied products to get a gorgeously defined result? Take a peek at these combos? CREAM + MOUSSE: After many months of testing different combos, we found out that one of the greatest curl cocktails for those with 3C/4A hair is a 1-1 mixture of curl cream + mousse. Most creams will turn into a gel-like serum with an infusion of two pumps of mousse. Mix well in your hands, first, and apply to wet hair for well-defined twists and fingerstyles. This works perfect for those who typically have frizzier manes. Use a mixture of your favorite mousse with your Earth Supplied Curl Poppin' Activator. LEAVE-IN + GEL: Gel cocktails can get very tricky when mixed with the wrong thing, but leave-in conditioner usually has a light formulation that works pretty well. This cocktail is great for fingerstyling. Try layering your Earth Supplied Leave-in Conditioner on just before using your Earth Supplied Creamy Defining Gell-o. BONUS: SERUM + MOUSSE: Whaaaaaa, you’ve never tried this? A mixture of mousse + serum is the BOMB remedy for drier tresses in need of hold. If creams tend to make your hair too soft and certain mousses give you incredible definition but too much crunch, mix one part oil serum with two parts mousse for a cocktail that defrizzes and nourishes. What’s your go-to cocktail?