Q: How Do I Restore My Hair's Elasticity?

Jan 16, 2019 Category_Hair How To

Q: How do I restore my hair's elasticity? A: Maintaining elasticity is definitely an issue for many naturals. It’s defined as your hair’s ability to stretch and return back to its normal, healthy state. If you find that your hair often breaks or splits when stretched, you may have low elasticity. Shrinkage tends to mean that your hair has greater elasticity and doesn't break as easily, so don’t be too quick to be upset at your tiny tendrils.

One of the main ways to increase elasticity is by using products that offer a moisture/protein boost, such as your Reshma Henna Infused Serum, which is infused with walnut and almond oils to restore and heal. Almond oil helps extensively with shedding and hair loss, and walnut oil contains an incredibly high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and vitamin E. Your strands are made up of 90% keratin, which gives your hair its elasticity. This special serum binds to the keratin in your hair to revive strands, repair damage and strengthen.

We’d suggest using it on wet hair after conditioning with your Reshma Restoring Sulfate-Free Conditioner. It’s also perfect to use as a heat-styling protectant.

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