Q: How Can I Use the Curl-Clumping Method For More Definition?

— September 02, 2020

Q: It feels like I can never get my hair as defined as I'd like. Are there any techniques I should be using? A: Great question. Getting amazing definition is a matter of several things, including product and intense curl-smoothing. Clumping is a fantastic way to achieve incredible definition for any texture. Clumping is an updated term for shingling, which is a fingerstyling technique of saturating your curls with product, and smoothing and gathering them into what would essentially be considered a “defined clump.” Definition, in itself, is simply when your curls bind together in a neat fashion. Clumping would be the more exaggerated way to define your hair, particularly those with thick long hair. Here's how you do it: 1. Section your hair horizontally and go row by row. Apply a generous amount of your favorite gel or mousse (it works best with either of these two stylers).

2. Take small sections and begin performing a smoothing, stretching motion as you “clump” small sections of curls together. The difference with fingerstyling is that you usually use your fingers to break up the clumps while styling. With clumping, you'd allow larger sections of hair to dry while "clumped together."

3. Your hair should exhibit a super defined look.

4. Dry your hair under a dryer for 45 minutes and gently pull apart with a little oil on your fingers.

Photo: @iamadamejay