Q: Can You Give Me Some Tips To Keeping My TWA Fresh?

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A: Rocking a TWA (teeny weeny afro) seems ridiculously easy, but even this low maintenance style can be frustrating. Here are three easy tips to keeping your short cut looking fresh. 1. COIL AWAY: With shorter textures, you definitely want some definition. No matter how short your hair is, try coiling it when it’s wet with CURLS Avocado Hair Mousse. Fingercoil sections into little ringlets that you later manipulate when dry. Or, you can wear it coiled. 2. INCORPORATE THE SPONGE: Using the styling sponge is the easiest way to get super defined hair. Here's an easy tutorial. 3. WHEN IN DOUBT, CO-WASH: Short hair needs to be restyled more often, and, instead of trying to spritz it and go, you may need to succumb to a nice little co-wash to re-smooth your cuticle. Everyone loves the fresh look, and a quick co-wash does the trick. 4. SHUT DOWN THAT SHAG: When you’re rocking short hair, you probably notice that your edges and the hair around your neckline can sometimes grow longer that then rest of your coif. If not taken care of, you could manage to grow a real live shag. Keep your TWA looking cute as you grow it out by snipping the hair along the neckline and around your ears. Trust, it will continue to grow at a rapid pace, so you can cut as you grow with no worries. Photo: @20four.k


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