Q & A: What's a sebum-depositing shampoo?

The Taproom — September 02, 2020

Q: What is a sebum-depositing formula?

A: Great question! Your Adwoa Beauty Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo is touted as a sebum-depositing formula, which means that, as it cleanses your hair, it deposits “sebum-mimicking natural oils” that encourage growth and prevent moisture loss. Aloe combines with minty essential oils, anti-fungals, Jamaican black castor oil and cactus oil to nourish and soften. Here’s a close look at some of the other ingredients in the shampoo and how they benefit your hair:

PEPPERMINT OIL: We all know peppermint for it’s growth-boosting powers, but it also helps enhance the cleansing powers of any shampoo. It improves scalp circulation and balances your scalp’s pH.

PUMPKIN SEED OIL: Pumpkin seed oil is incredibly high in vitamin E, which helps soften strands. It’s also known to help smooth frizzy cuticles.

ROSEMARY EXTRACT: Rosemary is fantastic when it comes to combatting hair loss or hair thinning. It’s incredibly anti-inflammatory and is a known go-to for dandruff and other fungal scalp issues.

How’s your Adwoa Beauty Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo working for you?

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