Q&A: Should I Bother Massaging My Scalp For Growth?

Taylor Winbush — June 01, 2021

Q: Does Massaging Your Scalp Really Encourage Growth? 

CURLBOX: Yes. But there’s a science to massaging your scalp while wearing a protective style, which is what your Shea Moisture Wig & Weave Scalp Soother is for. 

You usually massage your scalp during the conditioning session or with oil on your fingertips. If you massage your scalp while conditioning, you should forgo doing it in the shower and opt for a seated position. You can give yourself the best massage when you’re free of distractions, and managing shampooing, exfoliating and washing will take away from your relaxation.

Shea Moisture Wig & Weave Scalp Soother

After rinsing your conditioner, take your Shea Moisture Wig & Weave Scalp Soother and apply it to your scalp with its nozzle tip. Tea tree oil stimulates scalp circulation, while its infusion of borage oil protects and soothes your scalp. If you’re wearing a protective style, apply it to your parts. Using the pads of your fingers (the area just below the fingertip), massage in small circles, making sure to never scratch. This can damage your scalp. Focus your attention on massaging your temples and the hairline first. This relieves tension and increases the blood flow to the entire scalp. Massage down to your ears to the nape of your neck, then up the middle of your head back to the very top. This method ensures that you reach all of the major points of your scalp.

Repeat this cycle for at least five minutes every week to encourage growth.