Q & A: How Does a 3-Minute Restoring Conditioner Work?

Bridget Anderson — January 18, 2021

Your FLAWLESS by Gabrielle Union Collection has an amazing 3-Minute Restoring Conditioner you might be wondering about. Specifically, can you actually condition your curls in less than three minutes? Yes. Here are some helpful tips.


Q: How does a conditioner work in only three minutes?


CURLBOX: Your Flawless 3-Minute Restoring Conditioner works FAST because it’s formulated to begin penetrating your hair shaft as SOON as you apply it. It combines Brazilian Bacuri butter, olive oil and castor seed, which work together to intensify elasticity and soften rough textures. We suggest you apply it generously to curls in the shower - wait three minutes - and detangle.


Q: Do I HAVE to rinse it in three minutes or less?


CURLBOX: Absolutely not. You can use it as a deep treatment and leave it on for extended hours.


Q: Can I use it as a leave in conditioner?


CURLBOX: We know that many curly girls like to leave in a little conditioner just before styling, so we won’t tell you NOT to do it, but this conditioner is definitely meant to be rinsed out.


Q: I heard you could use conditioner at night to seal ends. Is that true?


CURLBOX: Stick to using a serum or hydrating cream (like your Defining Curl Cream) to soften and strengthen ends overnight. But, one of the best ways to prevent split ends is to make sure to deep condition your hair on a weekly basis.


How are you using your 3-Minute Restoring Conditioner?