Pyrithione Zinc: 3 Ways It Heals Your Scalp

— September 02, 2020

Your Head and Shoulders Royal Oils collection was developed by Black scientists to heal, hydrate and define your hair. Each ingredients is infused with pyrithione zinc. Here’s how it helps your hair.

1. HELPS WITH DANDRUFF: Zinc helps attack your scalp’s fungal and inflammatory issues. It reduces buildup on the scalp and helps de-clog your follicles.

2. REDUCED HAIR LOSS: Zinc can help reduce rampant hair loss when you’re dealing with a scalp issue. Typically, your hair loss is a result of thick scaling patches that have become reddened and inflamed. Zinc cools your scalp.

3. PREVENTS BACTERIA: Zinc prevents bacteria on the scalp, which also prevents any potential odor.

If you’re dealing with a nasty case of dermatitis, try using your Moisture Boost Shampoo. This lush, medicated shampoo is infused with coconut oil to help rinse away flakes, treat your scalp and keep strands shiny and clean.