Product Breakdown: EDEN BodyWorks Foaming Conditioner

— September 02, 2020

Your EDEN BodyWorks Foaming Conditioner acts like a leave-in but styles like a mousse. Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you. Read on. WHAT IS A FOAMING CONDITIONER? This foaming conditioner acts like a styling mousse. Infused with vitamins and hydrating oils, this formula was created to define curls as it reduces frizz. Consider it more of a styling leave-in. CAN I FORGO REGULAR CONDITIONER WHEN I USE IT? You should still try to condition like normal during your weekly wash, but you can use your Scalp Cleanser and go straight to your Foaming Conditioner when doing a wash and go during the week. WHAT’S IN IT? Your Foaming Conditioner is a luxurious mix of castor oil, papaya extract, mango butter, vitamins C, A, E and D. HOW DO I STYLE WITH IT? You can use it by itself (like a mousse) or cocktail it with your Curl Jam for more hold. HOW MUCH HOLD DOES IT HAVE? It has a light hold that dries with very soft definition. It can be used daily and could even be brushed or combed out. CAN I USE IT FOR TWISTS? Yes, you can, but we’d advise cocktailing it with your Curl Jam for more definition.