morning exercises for the girl who doesn't really workout

— September 02, 2020

Even the laziest girl can get in a super quick, low-impact workout in the morning. Here are five things you can do after literally rolling out of bed. 1. STRETCH: If you don’t do anything else, stretch in the morning. It lengthens your limbs and keeps your joints healthy. Try a simple child’s pose, and then extend both of your legs (on leg at a time) back and flex your foot. Roll your neck both ways and do a few cross-body arm extensions. You’ll feel loads better throughout the day. 2. MODIFIED PUSH-UPS: If you want to activate your upper body but you have a hard time doing push-ups, try doing 10-20 modified push-ups with your legs crossed and your knees bent behind you. 3. PLANK: A one-minute plank will change your life. It will also burn. Be prepared for a tighter core. 4. THIGH LEG LIFTS: Lay on your side and do 30 leg lifts on both sides. This works your inner thighs. 5. ARM CIRCLES W/ WEIGHTS: Keep a 3lb or 5lb weight in your bedroom. Extend both of your arms out (horizontally) and swing your arms (with one weight in both hand) around in a circle 30 times. PHOTO: @iamthedaisha