Milk Proteins For Your Hair

— September 02, 2020

You’ve probably seen milk proteins in the list of ingredients in some of your hair products. Do you know exactly how they enhance your hair?

The mains proteins in milk are whey and casein, which whey being the most potent. But what exactly is whey? It’s the watery liquid produced by the curdling of milk. Though it sounds gross, milk protein is nutrient rich due to its amino acid content. For fussy scalps, milk proteins are anti-irritant and protective unlike any other type of protein. It’s one of the main ingredients in your Creme of Nature Pure Honey Moisture Replenish & Strength Hair Mask. After using, you’ll notice increased manageability and body, along with more hydration and elasticity. If your curls are a little damaged, milk protein also helps restructure and heal the hair shaft.

If you’re really looking to boost growth, whey protein can be added to morning shakes to strengthen strands.

How would you use milk proteins?