Myleik Teele — December 08, 2020

Washing your protective style can be HARD if you don’t know the tricks and tips to cleansing your scalp. Your Dark & Lovely Cleansing Water is perfect to remove product build-up and dirt. Here’s how to make your wash session much easier.

FOR MONTHLY OR BI-WEEKLY WASHING: Here’s how you use your Cleansing Water: This shampoo gets directly to your scalp. Place its nozzle-tip directly on the scalp and apply this water-to-foam formula. Massage gently to create a light lather that moves easily through your style. Its infusion of aloe moisturizes and treats a tender (or irritated) scalp. Rinse with warm water and sit under a hooded dryer.

FOR MID-WEEK REFRESHING: If you tend to suffer from itchiness mid-week, try the towel method, sans shampoo.

1. Take a spray bottle filled with distilled or purified water, along with ten drops of peppermint, five drops of lemongrass and five drops of rosemary, and spritz along your parts.

2. Take a damp towel and rub your scalp in between your parts to remove dirt and build-up. Your level of rubbing aggressiveness depends on you.

3. Take a blow-dryer on a medium setting and run it along all of your damp areas to quickly dry it.

4. This is an effective braid, twist or faux loc refresher in between scheduled washes. Peppermint will cool an itchy scalp. Lemongrass has effective cleansing and antiseptic properties, and rosemary is amazing for growth.

Here are some other benefits of this mixture: - Relieves tension in tighter styles. - Helps get rid of scalp odor and prevent/kill bacteria and fungus growth. - Works perfect as a daily scalp mist, but DO make sure to quickly use your blowdryer or diffuser afterwards.

You can also swap out these essential oils: - Use sweet orange oil instead of lemongrass. - Use eucalyptus instead of peppermint. - Use thyme instead of rosemary.

How do you wash your protective style?