How To Take the Shine Out of Synthetic Hair

Bridget Anderson — January 06, 2021

The shine that comes along with wearing synthetic hair is normal but it’s not aesthetically pleasing. After doing a bit of research, we’ve found several remedies that’ll work for you. Take a peek. 

1. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR SOAK: You may already do this to purify your braiding and twisting extensions, but it also works to give your hair a “dull, realistic” look. Soak your hair for at least an hour, and rinse well before laying out to dry overnight. 


2. DRY SHAMPOO: Dry shampoo is formulated to dry up grease and build-up, so it’s an easy solution to giving your locks a more natural look.  For wigs, use a spray on a small amount and brush it through. Don’t use too much because overuse of dry shampoo result in massive white build-up. For faux locs, spray down the length of the lock and “scrunch” in the dry shampoo. If you see a white film appearing, use your hand to smooth and shake out  any residual product.  


3. BABY POWDER: This is an old school one. Though we can’t recommend it for every type of protective style, if you use it a small amount, it can really decrease shine. Sprinkle it onto your hair of choice and brush it through, OR smooth it along the length of your extension.  


4. HOT WATER SUBMERSION: You already do this to lock in your style, but it also works to immediately decrease shine. If your style doesn’t really require the use of hot water, consider using it anyway to quick cut the shine. A ten second hot water immersion does the trick.  

Do you care about synthetic hair shine?