How To Style Your Curls in a Heatwave

— September 02, 2020

It's HOT, ladies. Here’s how to style your curls during a heatwave to help prevent shrinkage. 1. OPT FOR STYLES THAT ARENT AFFECTED BY SHRINKAGE: Coils, single two-strand twists or even mini-plaits aren’t bothered by shrinkage. This of course means you’d be wearing the foundational style, not the unraveled look. As long as you have a good cut, you can finesse any of these looks without unraveling them. And the heat won’t be as bothersome. Pull them up into a cutesy updo. Hide them under a fedora. Have fun with it. 2. PUFF IT UP: When it’s hot as sin, pull your hair into a puff. It’s easy, quick and keeps your roots from attempting to free themselves and frizz up the joint. 3. WEAR MODIFIED FINGERSTYLES: Instead of just wearing your normal fingerstyle, pin the sides up or even the back, which usually sweats like crazy. 4. KEEP BOBBY PINS AND A HAIR TIE: Do yourself a favor and keep bobby pins and a hair tie in your car or purse. You don’t know when you’ll need to transform your style into a halo braid or plaits because your poof is spreading uncontrollably. 5. USE YOUR MOLDING JELLY: Make sure to use your Aunt Jackie's Ice Curls Glossy Curling Jelly to define curls and create intense hold with marshmallow root, a slippery ingredient that helps keep curls from becoming frizzy.