— September 02, 2020

If you’re a yogi or you cycle several times a week, you already know how hard it is to fight shrinkage. Here are some tips to not totally wrecking your curls during high intensity (or hot) workouts. Note: These tips work best for evening workouts.

1. BIND YOUR HAIR: This is so key because free curls (curls that are not restricted at all) shrink immediately. We suggest binding your curls in one of three ways – big bantu knots, tight top knot or 5 – 6 flattwists. Which style you choose to do depends on your length and thickness. For those with medium length tresses, do flat twists and use bobby pins if your length does not reach the nape of your neck. Knots or flat twists actually work better than one ponytail, because they allow your scalp to breathe and sweat a little less, which leaves you with less dampened hair.

2. LET IT DRY: Your hair will be moist or damp after your workout session. Where most curlies go wrong is letting their hair loose too soon. This may sound weird, but you should actually give your hair time to re-dry in it’s binded state. At this point, if you’re a natural who likes to primarily wear her hair stretched, you might be able to avoid having to use more heat to re-stretch. You can go directly into retwisting.

3. THINGS TO REMEMBER: The more oil you have on your scalp, the more shrinkage you’ll suffer from. Most moisturizers and conditioners act as humectants, meaning they draw moisture from the air, which will mean more shrinkage. Try not to saturate your curls if you routinely do intense workouts because you’ll be fighting with your curls at every turn.

How do you fight shrinkage while working out?