How to Maximize Your Pudding

Oct 01, 2018 Hair How To 0 comments

Are you maximizing the usage of your ORS Olive Oil Smooth-N-Hold Pudding?

ADD WATER TO DISPERSE: Puddings are great for definition, but some are actually formulated to be used on soaking wet hair, not towel-dried hair or your semi-damp tresses. The instructions don’t always state this, but we’ve tested every pudding on earth. We KNOW. Many puddings need the assistance of a water to evenly disperse from roots to ends. We suggest rinsing out your conditioner and immediately applying your ORS Olive Oil Smooth-N-Hold Pudding. Trust us, the product will soak up the water.

USE OIL TO SOFTEN: If you want to use your pudding for springy bantu knots, but, perhaps, your pudding gives a little TOO much crunch, cocktail it with a nourishing oil just before styling.

DO NOT MIX AND MATCH: Puddings don’t always play well with others. They are meant to be used as individual stylers, so you could experience flaking if you try to pair it with another pudding or heavy gel. Stick to using it with moisturizers (like butters and creams) and oils. These products usually don’t cause any issues.

CRUNCH IS GOOD: Once your pudding has dried, having a slight crunch is a good thing. It means the product has created a defining "cast" on your curls, which will allow your style to last longer. You can easily break the cast by gently scrunching post-dryer with a little oil on your hands. NOTE: What's NOT good is a bevy of flakes AND a crunchy feeling. This means you've likely used too much product. Photo: @alannanicolex


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