How to Determine When Your Curls Need Leave-in Conditioner

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Do you know exactly when and how to use your Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner? Check it out. WHEN YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED IT: This leave-in is crazy hydrating. It’s meant to make the hair soft and easier to detangle, so if your 4c hair is in need of some serious softening, apply this as soon as you rinse your conditioner. For those with super porous hair, a leave-in is a must. Use just a little so you don’t compromise the effects of your styler. WHEN TO SKIP IT: If you tend to love stiffer styles, skip your leave-in application this wash. Those with softer curls that like to exhibit a bit more texture will find that it’s SO nourishing, it’ll take away from some of your definition and ability to mold your curls. Go from your rinse directly to your Honey Curl Forming Custard. HOW TO USE FOR DAILY MAINTENANCE: If your ends are brittle, do yourself a favor and scrunch on a bit of leave-in before bed. For finer types, you can use it around your hairline to slick frizz and cowlicks. How are you using your leave-in?


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