how to determine when it's time for your 2nd big chop

— September 02, 2020

Is it time for a big chop? A fresh look? A new perspective? Here are four instances where you should seriously consider braving the shears. 1. YOU LITERALLY CAN’T DETANGLE IT: This happens. You can get to a point of incredible damage where your curls can’t even be detangled. Typically, it happens when you’ve chemically altered your hair to the point where it’s prone to massive tangles. If even the silkiest conditioner isn’t working, you may want to consider a trip to the barber. 2. YOUR BLONDE BOMBSHELL HAS GONE BAD: Blonde hair isn’t for the weak. It takes A LOT of upkeep in the area of conditioning and moisturizing. If after months of trying to style your golden locks only results in fried, dried curls that lose moisture within a day, consider a buzz. 3. YOU’VE ALTERED YOUR TEXTURE: Believe it or not, your texture can be completely different some years. Due to diet, body changes and/or sickness, your entire head of hair can flaunt a different pattern or texture. If you’re looking to start fresh, a big chop may restore an older pattern or texture you used to have. Many curlBOX team members have done multiple big chops that resulted in different patterns and textures. 4. YOU’RE TIRED OF YOUR CURRENT LOOK: Taking the buzz leap can be exhilarating. If you simply want to try something completely outside of your comfort zone, get to cutting. PHOTO: @blackloreli7