Bridget Anderson — December 31, 2020


What's a curl regimen retrospective, you ask? It's a look back at your hair habits and goals. Use these tips to take note of what you want to change in 2021. 

DID YOU GET ENOUGH TRIMS: Did your curls suffer at all from a lack of trims? Or, were you a person who became a bit scissor-happy during the quarantine? If you didn’t trim your locks enough this year, consider scheduling them in your 2021 calendar so you don’t forget. Every three to four months is best for curly hair that isn’t heat-styled often. 

DID YOUR TEXTURE/PATTERN DRASTICALLY CHANGE? This is okay. It happens. Sometimes a medical condition, medication, pregnancy, diet and/or body changes is the cause of this. Take stock of what happened this year and consider adding in immune-boosting and body-balancing supplements (evening primrose, reishi mushroom, vitamin D).

ARE YOU REACHING YOUR GROWTH GOALS: If you had aggressive growth goals this year but didn’t meet any of them, consider referring back to our growth tips. Other factors that affect growth are hard water (do you need a filter?), unaddressed split ends (consider sealing ends at night with oils), and manipulation (are you an overstyler?). 

DO YOU LOVE YOUR CURRENT STYLE: If you don’t dig your style, definitely gather some inspiration from #curlBOX on insta. Your favorite curlies constantly tag us in their new looks. 

DO YOU HAVE A HAIR BUDGET: How much money do you want to spend on your hair in the new year? How much money did you spend this year? Consider taking a look back and figuring out what your monthly hair budget was, and how you’d like to see that change in 2021. Don’t forget to add in an amount for high-priced protective styles. 

What did your 2020 curl retrospective look like?