Get the Look: Tips from Celebrity Stylist Tasheara Neshell

— September 02, 2020

When we saw this style on Instagram from celebrity stylist Tasheara Neshell (@tashearaneshell), we reached out to get the deets on exactly how to recreate it at home. Take a look at these super easy tips.

1. “Cleanse and condition. While the hair is wet, do double-strand twists all over. Use a combination of a a leave-in conditioner, twisting cream and foaming wrap lotion (or mousse) to set.”

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2. “Set under a hooded dryer for best results. Make sure it’s completely DRY. Unravel with a bit of oil on your fingertips to maintain shine and prevent frizz.”

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3. “To do the bantu knots, use a little edge control that won’t dry out the hair and section off the hair in two large chunks on the side of your hair where you usually make your part.” (meaning, put the bantu knots on the side you would usually slick back or tuck behind your ears.”

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4. “To add a touch of style, I like using gold jewels in the hair surrounding the bantu knots as opposed to simply on the bantu knots.”

How cute is this look?