Get the Look: Deconstructed Bantu Knots

Jun 17, 2019 Uncategorized 0 comments

We love semi-quick protective styles that look like a lot of effort. Actress Dewanda Wise posted this deconstructed box braid look, and we think it’s perfect for the girl who wants to add some hair but not sit in a chair for all of eternity. Here’s how you can recreate it.

1. Part your hair in 15 - 18 angled sections with small black rubberbands. You want your braids to be thick and chunky. 2. For those who have a hard time starting their braids, try using the crochet method. 3. Make sure not to braid your braids too tight at the roots because you want to be able to immediately move and mold them. 4. Aim for a length that hit the middle of your back so you can twist and loop them. 5. Keep small bobby pins, large bobby pins and hair pins nearby to style. To figure out your look, play with the front braids, first, to lock in your look. Keep your middle braids in larger bantus to give your look more shape and assemble your back braids into a loose messy bun. Most importantly, play with the possibilities. Photos: @dewandawise


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