For curly girls who want quick styles when washing is too much (a few tips)

— September 02, 2020

CURLY Isn’t it crazy how the sheer thought of having to wash your hair makes you cringe. You’re not lazy, you’re just not into it. We get it. Here are five tips to quick styling when you still need to look good. 1. Utilize half turbans: When your hair is a mess and you refuse to deal with it, a half turban is your best friend. Simply wrap your head wrap fabric like a large headband, leaving only the curls up top out. 2. Coil just the ends: This one’s easy. Apply Curly Chic Your Curls Defined Curling Cream and strategically coil just the ends. For curlies with thick, mid-length hair, this is enough to revive your look for one day. 3. Smooth away: Smooth your hair into a pony tail and use kanekalon hair to make a bun. 4. Do a "spray" fingerstyle: A “spray” fingerstyle is where you dampen your curl with a leave-in conditioner, quickly restyle and use a diffuser or a blow dryer on a medium setting to refresh. 5. Flattwist stretching: If you have an event in the evening and you need to stretch your hair, style it in five big flat-twists during the day. Wear a fedora or other kind of cap. Before your event, unravel the twists and style them in a halo braid, pompadour or sleek top knot. You can avoid heat this way and still have stretched hair. Photo: @musesuniform