Do You Need a Curl Colorist? Read and Find Out.

— September 02, 2020

Have you tried to do an elaborate color job at home and failed? You need a colorist. If you’re not familiar with a colorist, they’re hair professionals who have a specialty in coloring your strands. Here are a few of the perks of having an expert dye your ‘do.

THEY CREATE DIMENSION: They understand how different colors look on multi-textured hair. A daring red looks different on straight hair than it does on a curly crop. Colorists are trained to create dimension with color and understand how a bold color will stain different lengths, shapes and textures.

YOU’LL GET YOUR TRUE COLOR: You’ll actually get the color you want. Have you ever tried a color job at home or even gone to your regular stylist and thought “This is not quite the color that I wanted.” No shade to your personal stylist, but a colorist will be able to help you get as close as possible to your perfect shade.

THEY GET YOUR REFERENCES: Want ombre tresses like Ciara? A champagne blonde like Beyonce? Though most of these looks can be created through the use of extensions, some of you may want to transform your own curls. You really have to be skillfully trained in the art of highlighting, staining, lifting and lightening to do some of these celebrity inspired ‘dos. You want a stylist who understands richness and depth, along with how your color will fade.

Not sure where to find a colorist? Typically, most modern salons have colorists on their team, so call around and schedule a color consultation to determine your best look.

Photo credit: @annisalimara