Joyful Activity: Create Your Own Custom Curl Scents

— September 02, 2020

Try making one of our custom DIY hair scents. Whether you’re feeling joyful, romantic or unfocused, we have a specially-curated scent for your curls. Check out these incredibly easy recipes. DIRECTIONS: Take three 2oz spray bottles (travel-sized glass bottles) and add rose water, along with 10 - 15 drops of one of the following essential oils. Shake your hair while you spritz it, and scrunch in any remaining droplets.You may want to add oils, but don't - it can drastically turn your spray effect into one greasy stream. 1. FRESHENING UP: Lemongrass is the cheeriest of the essential oils. When you want to sustain happiness and inspiration, choose lemongrass, a sweet lemon fragrance that has some staying power. Lemongrass can also help hide an unpleasant scent. Or, if you need to delay wash day, this spray can quickly freshen up a "stale" 'do. 2. BAE NIGHT: Ylang Ylang has an intoxicating floral scent that works as an aphrodisiac. Just a whiff of the scent revs up your sex drive and jumpstarts healthy hormone production. This is the perfect spray to spritz on just before a date. It also has sedative properties that make it perfect to use on days when you're incredibly stressed out. 3. DE-STRESS: Geranium is one of the best essential oils to use when you’re anxious and and feeling unbalanced. It has antidepressant, euphoric and meditative powers. Which one would you try? Photo credit: @musesuniform